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Wallet Support
We support different ERC20 token wallets including Metamask or Binance wallet.
What's the contract adresse of ETHEAT
The Contract adresse for ETHEAT is: 0xcf955cde7658d8d237f734c02b7b804f81a4a63a
How do I use MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain
Simply follow this guide to use MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain.
How do I add ETHEAT to MetaMask wallet
Use this guide to add ETHEAT to MetaMask
Contract adresse: 0xcf955cde7658d8d237f734c02b7b804f81a4a63a
How do I add ETHEAT to Binance Chain wallet
Use this guide to add ETHEAT to Binance Chain wallet.
Contract adresse: 0xcf955cde7658d8d237f734c02b7b804f81a4a63a
Where can I buy ETHEAT tokens?
ETHEAT tokens are listed on Burgerswap exchange.
When can I stream music?
The ETHEAT platform will be operational Q4 2021.
What is Proof-Of-Music
Proof-Of-Music is a new kind of blockchain using Data-Backed Blocks. Each Block is backed by Meta data. You can say it is a public open logbook which provides an overview of the realtime data from streaming, sales revenue and socialmedia activity. The ETHEAT Blockchain is a hybrid Proff-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake (POW/POS). Miners get rewarded by simply streaming music and rewarded for staking ETHEAT.

It's built on a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) model and is the movement that leverages decentralized networks to transform the old Record Label concept into trustless and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries.
Yield Farming
Introducing yield farming to the Music Industry, users can mine ETHEAT by simply streaming music and receive ETHEAT in exchange. Stakeholders are rewarded daily interest for staking ETHEAT. Investeres get a fixed income by investing in Star bonds and the liquidity providers gets the fees.
Is this an ICO?
No. This is not an ICO. ETHEAT is launched on Binance chain and ETHEAT Governance token will be available on BurgerSwap.
Do I need to create an account
ETHEAT is a decentralized autonomous organization. Theres no need for accounts. ETHEAT don't store any of your data. You simply login by connecting your wallets. we recommend using Metamask or Binance wallet.
How Do I connect my wallet to my account
You simply add MetaMask to your browser and press connect wallet. Your wallet will automatically connect to your account.
Is my account anonymous
Yes your account is anonymous and only you have acces to your privatekey.
Who is behind ETHEAT
There's no CEO or CTO. The protocol is open, transparent, trustless, and driven by the community.  
Are you expanding the Team
Yes. we are looking for dedicated developers and team members who can contribute with marketing content, partnership and promotion.
What's the purpose
ETHEAT has "a massive transformative purpose". The massive transformative purpose is more than a simple value-sentence, which was created at. 5 pm at an internal marketing workshop, and then sent out in an email that ended up in spam with the average employee. The massive transformative purpose is a ubiquitous set of values ​​that supports the listeners' desire for music consumption in everyday life and the artists' desire for a fair financial music economy.

It is central that the purpose of the platform is not "to maximize profits through an efficient supply chain", but rather a purpose that relates to emotions and values ​​that are consistent with the users 'and artists' own set of values ​​and dreams.  

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