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Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Record label
24/7 acces to publishing your music world-wide. It has never been easier. Keep 100% of your copyrights.
Available Q4 2021
  • Publish on demand
  • Upload music
  • Realtime data monitoring
  • Realtime revenue monitoring
  • Promotion boost
Yield farming allows artist and fans to create a shared succes relationship.
Available soon
  • Stream reward
  • Star Bonds
  • Staking reward
  • Artist Lend/Borrow
  • Liquidity pool
proof of music
The new music infrastructure for a digital era of automated royalty distribution on Binance Smart Chain.
Available Q3 2021
  • Trustless and transparent
  • Data Backed Blocks
  • Governance
  • No intermediaries

Imagination is everything

Imagine a snack vending machine that not only takes money from you and gives you a snack but also uses that money to automatically reorder the items. This vending machine also orders cleaning services and pays its rent all by itself. When you put money into the machine, you and its other users also have an influence on what snacks it orders and how often it needs to be cleaned. The machine has no conductors, all these processes are prescribed in advanced computer protocol.

Then try to imagine a digital record label where publishing, marketing, and quality assurance take place 100% automatically. Fans and listeners are rewarded for listening to music - and the listeners decide which song the record company will release next. The record label does the marketing itself and the listeners decide the content of the marketing campaign and are rewarded for contributing content. Settlement of royalties to the creators of music is done automatically.

The program knows exactly who produced, composed, and wrote the song. The protocol knows which years the song has been released, how much the song has garnered, and which fans have listened to the song the most. In addition, the protocol knows which listeners have voted for it, which listeners have made its marketing campaign, and who has invested money in the song. The whole thing is transparently and anonymously stored on a blockchain.

The whole process takes place without human intervention and there is no possibility of influencing the payments of the protocol to the creators of the music or other parties involved. In addition, there will be no third party involved. This is roughly how ETHEAT becomes a Decentralized Autonomous Platform (DAP).


Pricing Questions

Wallet Support
ETHEAT supports wallets including Metamask or Binance Chain wallet.
What's the contract adresse of ETHEAT
The Contract adresse for ETHEAT is: 0xcf955cde7658d8d237f734c02b7b804f81a4a63a
How do I use MetaMask For Binance Smart Chain
Simply follow this guide to use MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain.
How do I add ETHEAT to MetaMask wallet
Use this guide to add ETHEAT to MetaMask
Contract adresse: 0xcf955cde7658d8d237f734c02b7b804f81a4a63a
How do I add ETHEAT to Binance Chain wallet
Use this guide to add ETHEAT to Binance Chain wallet.
Contract adresse: 0xcf955cde7658d8d237f734c02b7b804f81a4a63a
Where can I buy ETHEAT tokens?
ETHEAT tokens are listed on Burgerswap exchange.
When can I stream music?
The ETHEAT platform will be operational Q4 2021.
What is Proof-Of-Music
Proof-Of-Music is a new kind of blockchain using Data-Backed Blocks. Each Block is backed by Meta data. You can say it is a public open logbook which provides an overview of the realtime data from streaming, sales revenue and socialmedia activity. The Proof-Of-Music Blockchain is a hybrid Proff-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake (POW/POS). Miners get rewarded by simply streaming music and rewarded for staking ETHEAT.

It's built on a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) model and is the movement that leverages decentralized networks to transform the old Record Label concept into trustless and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries.
Yield Farming
Introducing yield farming to the Music Industry, users can mine ETHEAT by simply streaming music and receive ETHEAT in exchange. Stakeholders are rewarded daily interest for staking ETHEAT. Investeres get a fixed income by investing in Star bonds and the liquidity providers gets the fees.
Do I need to create an account
No, ETHEAT is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Theres no need for accounts. The platform don't store any of your data. You simply login by connecting your wallet. It is recommended to use Metamask or Binance wallet.

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